Trump Claims Every Respectable Media Outlet That Fact Checks Him Is Fake News

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:53 pm

During an interview on Fox News’s Hannity, President Trump defined what he meant by fake news. According to Trump, all of the respectable outlets who label his false statements lies are fake news.

Video of Trump on Hannity:

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After ranting about his crowd size and accusations that he packed the crowd with his own supporters, Trump said, “The media, much of the media, not all of it is dishonest. Honestly, it’s fake news. It’s fake. They make things up.”

Trump went on to call the media liars, and follow it up by lying again about his crowd size.

In the view of the President Of The United States, any media organization that fact checks him, or points out that he is lying is engaging in fake news, and making things up. By most CIA accounts, the applause that was coming from the crowd during Trump’s CIA speech came from the group that the President brought with him. There is photographic and crowd scientist evidence that Donald Trump’s inauguration was attended by an estimated 169,000-250,000.

The President and his administration are telling lies or making misleading statements on a daily basis, and anyone who fact checks them is labeled fake news.

Journalists and media organizations should now understand what Trump and his supporters mean when they claim that a story is “fake news.”

In Trump world, fake news is a synonym for facts that disagree with what the President is saying.

According to Trump, reality is fake news, and every responsible media outlet in America is fake news if they debunk his lies.

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