After 1 Week Of Trump, Americans Name Obama The Greatest President Since WW II

Donald Trump has been in office for one week, but a new Quinnipiac University poll has found that former President Obama has vaulted into a tie with Ronald Reagan as the best president of the last 70 years.

Here are the presidential rankings as compiled by the Quinnipiac poll:

American voters select the best president in the last 70 years:

30 percent name Ronald Reagan;
29 percent name Barack Obama;
12 percent pick John Kennedy;
9 percent select Bill Clinton;
3 percent each for Dwight Eisenhower and George W. Bush;
2 percent each for Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush;
Less than 1 percent for Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

A list of the worst presidents shows:

24 percent for Richard Nixon;
23 percent for Barack Obama;
22 percent for George W. Bush;
10 percent for Jimmy Carter;
5 percent for Ronald Reagan;
4 percent for Bill Clinton;
3 percent for Lyndon Johnson;
2 percent for George H.W. Bush;
1 percent for Gerald Ford;
Less than 1 percent for Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy.

The partisan divide is clearly visible on Obama as the Republican demonization of the nation’s first African-American president continues to hold sway with their base as Obama was voted both tied for best and second worst president.

The reality is that it has taken Donald Trump less than a week in office to remind America that they should not have taken their intelligent, stable, knowledgeable, and competent former president for granted.

Now the country is saddled with a president who is obsessed with crowd sizes, applause, and fake voter fraud investigations.

Less than 100,000 voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania handed the White House to Trump, and so far the new Republican president is making the majority of the country miss Barack Obama.

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