Friday Fox Follies – In Trump TV We Trust

It’s only been a week and ‘Merka already has whiplash trying to determine whether everything coming out of the White House is true. You can now relax and watch the Fox “News” Channel because Emperor Trump has declared it to be Official State Tee Vee.

Those poor deluded Fox viewers:

Trump says he doesn’t need facts as long as
‘very smart’ Fox News viewers agree with him

Trump Praises Fox News, Claims
“Much” Of The Media “Is Fake News”

Trump Claims Every Respectable Media
Outlet That Fact Checks Him Is Fake News

Trump Reportedly Outraged That
CNN Doesn’t Cover Him Like Fox News

Meanwhile, in the real world:

Fair And Balanced Facade Blown To Bits
As Trump Endorses Fox News As State TV

Trump allies are reportedly crowing that
the president has ‘conquered’ Fox News

Fox is falling in line with a White House that demands fealty:

Steve Bannon To Journalists: Kneel Before Trump

Kellyanne Conway: Calling Out Trump’s
Lies Is “Dangerous To The Democracy”

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Plus there are some, Kellyanne, there are some reporters who are calling — Kellyanne, there are some reporters in some newspapers that are just flat out calling the president a liar. They would never do that to Barack Obama in a million years.
KELLYANNE CONWAY: Even when he did. You can keep your doctor if you like, you can keep your insurance plan. We have 57 states in the nation. I mean, there were plenty of occasions to call out former presidents on their falsehoods and that was done very sparingly and not so strategically. I think it’s dangerous to the democracy and for those around the world watching what we do and how this president is covered in his early days, very dangerous to just throw in adjectives like that, either without evidence, but also without context. And I think some of the coverage, in addition to — bias is easy to detect. It’s really the incomplete coverage that I am watching very closely. It’s, well, what’s missing from the story? What was omitted? What’s left on the cutting room floor that actually would inform the public factuallyabout [sic] what’s happening here? What an amazing week.
DOOCY: No kidding.

It’s always journalistic malpractice to cozy up to presidents, but more so because the last 8 years Fox retailed every Reich Wing attack of President Obama including Birtherism. Compare and contrast:

Whining Fox News Must’ve Forgotten
How They Treated Obama On Day
One – Here’s A Reminder (VIDEO)

There’s nothing Kellyanne Conway won’t blame on the media, including death threats. Everyone laughed when she used the term “alternative facts,” until a Fox Host Says The “Alternative Facts” Show The  Unemployment Rate “Hasn’t Budged One Bit In Eight Years”.

No sooner does Trump advisor and Fox contributor Newt Gingrich [say]: NBC News Should Be Blacklisted For “Hostile” Interview With Kellyanne Conway than Trump Team Blacklists CNN On The Sunday After Inauguration. As part of Newt Gingrich’s White House Press Briefing Plan: Ban Questions From Adversarial Journalists, Have A Live Audience. No word on whether it will include a laugh track, which is sorely needed because none of this is funny.

SYCOPHANTIC SEAN: Thursday morning Fox kept cutting away to Hair Force One on the tarmac waiting for Emperor Trump. It turns out he was more than a half hour late departing for the GOP retreat because he was being interviewed by Sean Hannity, who was granted the First Fox Fluffing. That’s official confirmation whose lips Emperor Trump preferred on his ass.

Hannity’s fanboy interview was everything you’d expect:

President Trump Talks “Demeaning
and Dishonest” Media, Calls Madonna
“Disgusting” in Fox News Interview

Hannity Advises Trump To Justify
Torture By Posing Hypothetical
Kidnapping Of A Journalist’s Kids

Hannity to Trump: Do You
Want to Rethink How Your
Administration Deals With the Media?

‘What They’re Saying is That I’m a
Racist’: Trump Tells Hannity Why
He’s Angry Over MLK Bust Flap

The CEO of Trump TV didn’t challenge him on a single thing.


Trump Threatens To Send Feds
To Chicago After O’Reilly Complains
About Black Crime ‘Carnage’ There

Donald Trump Threatens To “Send In The Feds”
Into Chicago In Response To Bill O’Reilly Segment

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Mocks Trump’s
Bill O’Reilly-Inspired Tweet: ‘This Is Insane’

Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers Mock
Donald Trump for “Copying” Fox News

After Bill O’Reilly Calls On Trump To Launch Investigation Into “Illegal Alien” Voter Fraud Conspiracy, he did!

Loofah Lad offers new advice:

O’Reilly: Mexico “Should Pay For At Least Part Of The Wall”

Your move, Trump.

MARCH HAIR: To praise Emperor Trump, Fox had to denigrate one of the largest protests in history:

Fox News Gives Short Shrift To
Women’s March On Washington

Bill O’Reilly Claims Women’s March Fueled
by Some Unidentified ‘Totalitarian Regime’

Crystal Wright Attacks Women’s
March Participants: “Whiny”
Privileged White Women

Bill O’Reilly Insists Women’s March
On Washington Was Some Kind
Of Sinister George Soros Plot

Fox’s Alveda King Insists Women’s
March On Washington Got It Wrong
Because Trump ‘Loves Women’

The enemy of my friend is my enemy, or sumptin’.

TUCKER? I DON’T EVEN KNOW ‘ER: With so much going on, there’s barely any room to deconstruct the last Carlson standing. In point form:

LUNTZ OUT LOUD: Am I a bad person because I found this funny? At 2:24 in this video, when Fox Pollster Ed Luntz (who now seems to wear a toupee on both ends of his face) almost cried, I almost lost it:

When Luntz tweeted about this he claimed it was “red paint.” On air he says “red confetti glitter.” Alternative facts.


Chris Wallace Hammers Reince Priebus Over
Trump’s Lies About Inauguration Crowd Size

Shepard Smith: “Fox News Is Not Aware
Of Any Reliable Studies” That Suggests
“There’s Widespread Voter Fraud”

Mike Huckabee On Fox: ‘No
Evidence Whatsoever’ Of Voter Fraud


Racist Nigel Farage Joins Fox News And
Fox Business And Becomes ‘Unofficial
Adviser’ To Donald Trump Today

Fox News Channel Signs Former
State Department Deputy Rep
Marie Harf As Contributor

George Will on leaving Fox News: ‘It’s their toy’

‘The Black Girl’ Stacey Dash Gets Canned By Fox News

7 outrageous statements from Stacey
Dash, newly fired Fox News pundit

Headly Westerfield is host of Facebook’s Fox Follies and Fallacies and Head Writer at the Not Now Silly Newsroom, now awaiting White House press credentials.