Millions To Lose Health Care As Republicans Admit They Have No Obamacare Replacement Bill

Republicans admitted during their retreat there will be no single plan or bill to replace Obamacare. Instead, they are going to replace the law bit by bit using a budgetary process, regulatory actions, executive orders, and small pieces of legislation that could take through the Summer of 2017 or longer.

Kaiser Health News reported that there will be no single replacement bill, “If you’re waiting for another 2,700-page bill to emerge, you’re going to have to wait until the sun doesn’t come up, because that’s not how we’re going to do it,” Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., who is the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, told reporters, referring to the length of the Affordable Care Act. “There’s no single fix. There’s no single plan.”

There is no bill to replace the health care that Trump and the Republican Party are set to take away from 30 million people. Instead, it sounds like Republicans are going to use a piecemeal process to dismantle the law, and then try and patch holes that pop up in the system after the fact.

People could see their subsidies vanish and be thrown off of the Medicaid expansion after repeal, and be left without coverage. Before the ACA, coverage gaps, which occurred when a person lost their job were a major problem. From what Republicans are saying at least 30 million Americans could be facing a whole new kind of coverage gap. One where the GOP repeals their subsidies and Medicaid, which causes people to lose their insurance through skyrocketing premiums and block grants that cut the federal share of funding for Medicaid.

Health insurance companies are urging Congressional Republicans to keep the subsidies in place or the health insurance industry could collapse, but the GOP has shown little willingness to keep the subsidies in place after repeal.

Republicans have been lying for nearly eight years. There is no Obamacare replacement. There never was. There never will be. The Republican goal was always to return the health insurance system back to its prior pre-ACA broken state.

Trump and the Republicans are going to celebrate taking access to health care from tens of millions of people, and their false promise that no one will lose their health insurance could go down as one of the most heartless acts of fraud in American political history.

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