Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy Schools Republicans on Trump Muslim Ban

Yesterday, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy tweeted a disturbing photo that, because of its image, got a very powerful message across:

Sen. Chuck Schumer yesterday called Trump’s Muslim ban “one of the most backward and nasty executive orders.” Today, in a series of tweets, Murphy schooled those who compared “Obama’s reluctance to militarily intervene in Syria and the #MuslimBan” imposed by Donald Trump:

Of course, Donald Trump has vowed to exterminate “Islamic extremism” and would argue that he is putting out a fire. The Iranian Foreign Ministry has already pointed out that, on the contrary, “despite claims of being made to combat terrorism and protecting the people of the United States, it will be recorded in history as a great gift to extremists and their supporters.”

Meanwhile, people are dying. Refugees are dying. People who, like the Jews fleeing from Nazi Germany in the 1930s, and who were refused entry into the United States, will die instead. Chris Murphy is right to condemn American moral leadership. It has none. That disappeared on the day President Barack Obama left office. We are left with a moral void named Donald J. Trump.