Paul Ryan Gets Added to Wikipedia Page on Spineless Animals (Invertebrates)

It isn’t as if we didn’t know it already, but Paul Ryan has joined the ranks of invertebrates, those critters a lacking a vertebral column – you know, like worms. The Wikipedia page saw the addition made and was first spotted by BuzzFeed’s Alp Ozcelik.

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Wikipedia notes the characteristics of invertebrates:

The trait that is common to all invertebrates is the absence of a vertebral column (backbone): this creates a distinction between invertebrates and vertebrates. The distinction is one of convenience only; it is not based on any clear biologically homologous trait, any more than the common trait of having wings functionally unites insects, bats, and birds, or than not having wings unites tortoises, snails and sponges. Being animals, invertebrates are heterotrophs, and require sustenance in the form of the consumption of other organisms. With a few exceptions, such as the Porifera, invertebrates generally have bodies composed of differentiated tissues. There is also typically a digestive chamber with one or two openings to the exterior.

It’s not a flattering description but then there is very little to say about Paul Ryan that is flattering. And it is certainly accurate, as Ryan has shown himself to be completely spineless when it comes to Donald Trump. We see here Ryan’s stance on Trump’s Muslim immigrant ban in July:

This was Ryan after Trump signed his Muslim ban:

“Our number one responsibility is to protect the homeland. We are a compassionate nation, and I support the refugee resettlement program, but it’s time to reevaluate and strengthen the visa vetting process. This is why we passed bipartisan legislation in the wake of the Paris attacks to pause the intake of refugees. President Trump is right to make sure we are doing everything possible to know exactly who is entering our country.”

As the American Enterprise Insitute’s Norman Ornstein observed,

“Paul Ryan has soiled himself permanently with this craven cave in to a repulsive policy that he once condemned. Shame!”

New York Magazine laments the anonymous identity of the hero who made the addition: “Who are you, anonymous editing hero? Will you strike again?”

Though we may never know who they were, their action marks them as a person unafraid to face the truth square on and take action.