Kellyanne Conway Has An Epic Meltdown And Compares Donald Trump To Jesus

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:54 pm

Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway blew up on Fox News Sunday and went on a rant which compared President Trump and his staff to Jesus all because the White House thinks the media is biased against them.


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Transcript via Fox News Sunday of Conway ranting about media bias and turning Trump into Jesus:

Conway: There’s no question that when you look at the contributions made by the media, money contributions, they went to Hillary Clinton. We have all the headlines, people should be embarrassed. Not one network person has been let go. Not one silly political analyst and pundit who talked smack all day long about Donald Trump has been let go. They are on panels every Sunday. They’re on cable news every day.

Who’s the first editorial — the first blogger that will be left out that embarrassed his or her outlet? We know all their names. I’m too polite to call them by name. But they know who they are, and they’re all wondering, will I be the first to go?

The election was three months ago. None of them have been let go. If this were a real business, if the mainstream media were a thriving private sector business that actually turn a profit, which is not true of many of our newspapers, Chris, 20 percent of the people would be gone. They embarrassed, they failed to protect their shareholders and their board members and their colleagues.

And yet we deal with him every single day. We turn the other cheek. If you are part of team Trump, you walk around with these gaping, seeping wounds every single day, and that’s fine. I believe in a full and fair press.

I’m here every Sunday morning. I haven’t slept in a month. I believe in a full and fair press. But with the free press comes responsibility. And responsibility is to get the story right. Biased coverage is easy to detect. Incomplete coverage impossible to detect. That’s my major grievance, is the media are not — they’re not giving us complete coverage.

President Trump has signed all these executive orders this week. He’s met with these heads of states. He’s done so many things to stimulate the economy, to boost wages, to create jobs. Where’s the coverage?

In case you didn’t catch the reference, Donald Trump is Jesus walking around with the gaping, seeping wounds that are caused by “biased media coverage.” Kellyanne Conway and the rest of the White House are the disciples who are turning the other cheek while being assaulted by the media.

Conway’s rant demonstrates how the White House can shrug off facts and invent their own reality. They are believers, not in God, but in Donald Trump as their almighty political messiah.

For anyone who thinks that this administration is going be defeated by facts and reality, Kellyanne Conway’s rant should serve as a wake-up call. This White House appears to believe that they are on a mission to save America through the gospels of Trump. Their loyalty is to Trump, not the American people.

Kellyanne Conway is truest of true believers, and she just couldn’t help herself from coming a bit unhinged to defend her boss on Fox News Sunday.

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