Trump To Attack LGBT Rights And Protections With New Executive Order

The White House has drafted an executive order that would be an unprecedented attack on LGBT rights and protections. Sources say the order would allow federal employees to refuse to serve LGBT people based on religious beliefs, sexual orientation and gender identity will be fireable offenses for federal employees and contractors, and allow discrimination against the LGBT community by those who receive federal funding.

UPDATE: The White House backed off and caved on the original LGBT Executive Order, but left the door open for taking action that would discriminate against the LGBT community. Read more here.

Josh Rogin of The Washington Post got confirmation of the Executive Order from sources in the White House:

PoliticusUSA sources confirm Rogin’s report and add that upcoming executive order makes sexual orientation and identification a fireable offense for federal employees and contractors, and would allow adoption agencies and social service agencies that receive federal funding to discriminate against the LGBT community.

The part of the EO allowing federal employees to refuse to serve LGBT individuals based on religious grounds has also been confirmed by multiple sources.

If the Trump administration thought that the backlash to their Muslim ban was severe, they haven’t seen anything compared to what will happen if this Executive Order ever sees the light of day.

It is important to note that although the Executive Order has been drafted, it has not been signed yet.

There is still a chance that the administration will back off if public pressure is severe enough, but Donald Trump clearly intends to take America back to a time when LGBT rights didn’t exist. Trump is preparing an all out assault on the protections and rights that the LGBT community has fought for decades to achieve.

The American people must not allow this to occur.