Paul Krugman Warns Either Trump or the Republic Will Be Gone Within a Year

Paul Krugman laid waste to Donald Trump this morning in a series of blistering tweets about the White House statement firing Acting Attorney General Sally Yates:

It isn’t often you see Paul Krugman and Joe Scarborough in agreement on anything, though Scarborough this morning tried to soften the blow by referring to the “Trump administration” rather than Trump directly.

He followed that up with a four-part message to Republicans explaining to them that the way things are going they need to decide between saying “no” to Trump to avoid being complicit in the “death of democracy” or adjust to the idea that they’ll be going “down with a disgraced president””

In other words, Donald Trump’s repeated and willful violations of the Constitution are going to see him dictator by consent of the GOP or impeached. Republicans have to choose.

Which will it be? Our Republic and its democratic institutions or the autocratic Trump and dictatorship with his rule by poorly-worded fiat? The fate of the Republic, horrifyingly, lies in the hands of the Republican Party.