Already Tired Of Being President, Trump Taking Vacation To Florida This Weekend

Just 10 full days into his chaotic and grossly incompetent presidency, Donald Trump is already in need of some down time.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Trump is ducking out of D.C. for a long weekend at his Mar-a-Lago Estate, leaving on Friday and returning on Monday, Feb. 6.

More from the report:

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a notice of flight restrictions for the area for the coming weekend.

According to the notice, posted to the FAA website, Trump will arrive at his Mar-a-Lago Club on Friday, Feb. 3 and depart on Monday, Feb. 6.

Palm Beach County officials expressed concern last week that flight restrictions for a Trump visit would have a negative effect on the area, as the Secret Service will call for what amounts to a shutdown of the Lantana airport. The general aviation hub — listed as one of the 10 busiest in the country — sits within a 10-nautical mile radius of Mar-a-Lago, making it subject to strict flight controls.

While 10 days seems short given the fact that his first full week was defined by mind-boggling mismanagement, it’s actually surprising that Trump lasted this long.

Not only has he previously floated the idea of flying home to New York City on the weekends during his presidency, but he has also faced unprecedented protests since arriving in the nation’s capital. He can’t even keep all of his Republican colleagues on board with his agenda.

If things keep going this badly for the new president, Trump is likely to spend less and less time in the White House.