Trump Ally Roger Stone Goes on Russian TV to Defend Russia From Hacking Allegations

Joe McCarthy is doing backflips and somersaults in his grave as Trump surrogate Roger Stone goes on Russia’s RT to defend Putin and Russia against allegations that Russia hacked the DNC.

Media Matters for America caught this despicable and treasonous act and you can watch it here:

I think it’s pretty established that the Russians did not hack the DNC. That’s a falsehood. Craig Murray, who is a respected British diplomat, has come forward and admitted that he was handed the material on the Clinton campaign cheating to beat Bernie Sanders by an informant, a disgruntled employee at the Democratic National Committee. After Seth Rich, an employee of the DNC, was shot in the back three times on the streets of Washington at 3 a.m., Julian Assange posted a $25,000 reward for information regarding his murder. If that isn’t a clear indication of who his source was, I don’t know what is. The entire notion that the Russians hacked this election and did so in order to affect the result is a falsehood, is a canard. The intelligence services and the deep state in our country have produced no evidence, no proof. What we have are, from our vaunted CIA, assessments, judgments, projections, briefings but no Republican on the Senate or House Intelligence Committee has been given or shown proof that this happened.

Of course, the U.S. intelligence community says otherwise. The FBI, as it turns out, knew about it as early as 2015 but Director Comey preferred to call out Hillary Clinton for a bogus email scandal rather than call out the Russians for very real hacking.

Even Reince Priebus finally admitted Russia was guilty.

We have seen Trump try to turn attention to the lie that Hillary Clinton got debate questions ahead of time and Kellyanne Conway blame those very same U.S. intelligence agencies, and not the Russians.

This is the most despicable in a long series of despicable acts by Trump and his allies. The Republican Party presented itself as the bulwark against Russian aggression (real or imagined) in the Post-War Era and under Donald Trump they have undone that long dark history of the Cold War, and betrayed all they claimed to stand for.

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