Trump Hijacks Black History Month Event With Unhinged Rants About Fake News And The Media


President Trump couldn’t help himself. During what was supposed to be a listening event, Trump hijacked the platform to complain about fake news, media bias, and to call the press the opposition party.



Trump said:

President Trump also claimed that Ben Carson is going to fix the inner cities, and claimed that he is going to do even better with African-Americans in the next election.

Later Trump claimed, “A lot of the media is actually the opposition party. They’re so biased. Really, it’s a disgrace. Some of the media is fantastic and fair, but so much of the media is opposition party. Knowingly saying incorrect things, so it’s a very sad situation. But we seem to be doing well, you know it’s almost like in the meantime we won, so maybe they don’t have the influence that they think. But they really are. They really have to straighten out their act. They’re really dishonest people.

Remember that this was supposed to be an event about Black History Month and a listening session with African-American leaders. Instead, the session was about Trump whining about the media and making crazy promises like Ben Carson fixing the inner cities, and taking care of gun violence in Chicago.

Trump’s performance was a reminder that in his mind, everything including Black History Month, is all about Donald Trump and how Donald Trump is being treated badly by his enemies.