Trump Is Throwing Tantrums And Humiliating Himself When Confronted By World Leaders


It is being reported from inside the government, that Donald Trump is throwing tantrums during calls with world leaders when he is confronted about his policies.

Video of CNN reporting on Trump’s tantrum reaction:

While reporting on Trump’s stormy phone calls with world leaders, CNN’s Jake Tapper said, “A government official familiar with the call says President’s Trump’s interactions with foreign leaders have been,’at this stage naive. In that, he keeps suggesting that we will have the best relationship ever with a broad departure of countries, but there is no substance to back it up. When he encounters a policy challenge, like with Turnbull, he responds with a tantrum.”


An official of the United States government described the Commander In Chief as having tantrums when world leaders confront him on policy. Trump is humiliating the US in front of the entire world with his behavior.

Trump isn’t only a national disgrace. It is a safe guess that he is turning the world’s only superpower into a laughingstock in the eyes of the rest of the world.

President Trump has no idea how to govern, and clearly no concept of diplomacy or give and take.

The behavior described by the government official is embarrassing and not appropriate for the President Of The United States.