Germans Try to Warn The United States About Donald Trump with Der SPIEGEL Cover

Der SPIEGEL magazine’s new cover shows that the Germans know exactly who President Trump is and what he is doing to the United States of America’s cherished liberty.

Edel Rodriguez’s cover art says it all:

Last week, Rodriguez provided this commentary on Trump, calling Trump’s executive order pen domestic terrorism:

As Americans try to recover from their shock due to the relentless assault on freedom, liberty, decency, tradition, separation of powers, and executive branch power – not to mention the stunning stupidity and lack of preparation and knowledge evidenced in the Trump administration – they are not always able to identify the bigger picture as easily.

Indeed, too many in the press are normalizing what’s going on, even as people censure themselves, adjust themselves to living in a country where they don’t always feel safe to travel or speak.

This is not normal. This is not going anywhere good. This is also not a drill.

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