Kellyanne Conway Plays the Victim of Media Bullying for Inventing Massacre


Kellyanne Conway got caught – and mocked – for inventing a massacre by two Iraqi men on Chris Matthews’ “Hardball” last night and she’s now playing the innocent victim for her employment of alternate facts.

Her first tweet employed a news report that turned out to be inaccurate:


As the Toronto Star‘s Daniel Dale, who so thoroughly fact-checked Donald Trump, pointed out, however,

So dishonesty to excuse lies. All too typical in the Trump administration. But Conway wasn’t done by a long shot. Her persecution tale had yet to come, but we did not have to wait long. First, it became Chris Matthews’ fault that she lied:

Then she heaped abuse on an unnamed “prominent liberal site”:

Before praising her own imaginary “class” and “grace”:

Clearly, Kellyanne Conway takes her example from Trump, with a persecution complex and an imaginary self-image so far out of whack that it can scarce be comprehended. Her unhinged and far from gracious rants demanding Trump’s critics be fired, are near as epic as her boss’s.

Kellyanne Conway got caught lying, and lying big, and rather than praising her imaginary class and self-image, she ought to be issuing a mea culpa and apologizing for her frequent use of “alternate facts” as an excuse for Donald Trump’s inexcusable actions.