Trump Busted In Big Lie As Government Admits In Court 100,000+ Impacted By Muslim Ban

The Trump White House was lying when they claimed that a few people or hundreds were impacted by President Trump Executive Order Muslim ban. The government admitted in court that the real number of visas that have been revoked is 100,000+.

Washington Post justice reporter Justin Jouvenal tweeted:

The hundreds of thousands of visas impacted contradicts the Trump administration’s claims that only a few hundred people were impacted at airports.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told MSNBC, “Three hundred and twenty-five thousand people flew into this country from airports and 109 people were affected and slowed down in their travel. I understand that is an inconvenience, but at the end of the day that is a small price to pay as opposed to somebody losing their life because a terrorist attack was admitted.”

It is now known that the Trump administration left out the hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants who had their visas revoked under this Executive Order.

The statements made in court on Friday serve as proof that nothing this administration says should be taken at face value. The Muslim ban is impacting more people than the Trump administration is publicly admitting, which is why the American must continue to fight for and demand the truth.