Trump Lashes Out on Twitter at ‘Professional Anarchists’ With Hilarious Results

Donald Trump has proven once again that the thin-skinned megalomaniac cannot handle criticism. Convinced – at least publicly – that most people approve of him despite his towering disapproval ratings (climbing by the day at a record pace), he tweeted his frustration this morning at those who oppose him:

Salon’s Simon Maloy asked in bewilderment, “the hell is a ‘professional anarchist’?” And Trump’s typically ill-thought-out comment aroused immediate mockery on Twitter:

The new job lacks a description and requirements and there are many other questions to be answered:

Rumor is, however, it doesn’t pay well to be a “professional anarchist”:

This idea of “paid protesters” is a familiar conservative meme, frequently repeated by Trump both during his campaign and since he took office.

There was his brief flirtation with “love” for the passion of those protesting against him but that seems to have evaporated now.

Republican dogma insists that grassroots opposition to something can exist only among conservatives, despite the obviously astroturf origins of the corporate stoogery of the “Tea Party.” Calling protesters “thugs” is not only racist but an attempt to delegitimize his critics.

As for “professional anarchists” the idea is rather amusing, given that anarchists, by their very nature, cannot organize anything or be part of any sort of organization, which is why the experiment failed so miserably in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

Donald Trump has put his foot in his mouth again, speaking in anger and without thought or consideration, sticking to the dictate of unsustainable ideological beliefs over unpalatable facts. People don’t like him. They don’t like him a lot.

The truth is, nobody has to pay people to protest Donald Trump. They do it for many reasons and many causes, including the simple love of freedom and the right to choose, and out of opposition to the bigotry and hatred represented by the Trump administration.

If Donald Trump thinks people have to be paid to oppose him, he is in for a long four years of disappointment and an inability to “enjoy” the White House.