Democrats Use Trump’s Attack On Judge As Ammo To Block His Supreme Court Nominee

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) showed President Trump that there would be consequences for his outburst against the judge who temporarily halted Trump’s ban. Schumer said that Trump’s behavior had lifted the bar even higher for confirmation of his Supreme Court nominee.

Schumer reacted to Trump’s outburst against Judge James Robart in a statement:

The President’s attack on Judge James Robart, a Bush appointee who passed with 99 votes, shows a disdain for an independent judiciary that doesn’t always bend to his wishes and a continued lack of respect for the Constitution, making it more important that the Supreme Court serve as an independent check on the administration.

With each action testing the Constitution, and each personal attack on a judge, President Trump raises the bar even higher for Judge Gorsuch’s nomination to serve on the Supreme Court. His ability to be an independent check will be front and center throughout the confirmation process.

Senate Democrats are sending a message to the Commander In Chief. If the President is going to insist on acting like a child, he will be treated like a child.

Sen. Schumer raised a great point. How are Democrats supposed to believe Trump’s claim that he chose the most qualified Supreme Court nominee when he is showing complete disrespect for the judicial branch of the US federal government?

President Trump is demonstrating that his judgment is untrustworthy. Senate Democrats are going to use Trump’s erratic behavior to make the road even more difficult for Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch.

Trump is adding fuel to the fire, and making it easy for Democrats to make the case that for the good of the country, they must block the President’s Supreme Court nominee.

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