Now Donald Trump is Claiming His Muslim Ban is From Homeland Security

Donald Trump doesn’t just invent things – he changes the facts if the first set of facts doesn’t work out as hoped. For example, his executive order banning travelers from seven countries that primarily affected Muslims and was therefore widely known as a Muslim ban (and first a ban, not a ban and then whatever you want to call it), was derailed by a federal judge.

His response was to rip the judge as a “so-called” judge. That got him nowhere, of course. Which for Trump meant it was time for him to change his story.

As a result, Trump is no longer calling the ban an executive order. You know, the one he proudly held up for the cameras as part of his political theater. Trump vowed to act and now he has: Rather than take credit for his failed decision, the so-called president is claiming it was a Department of Homeland Security decision:

CNN’s Ana Navarro was quick to point to the real culprits in the Trump administration (if not Trump himself):

Donald Trump can’t stand to lose. Unfortunately for him, there is nothing he can do right now but fume and lie. Though these are two things he excels at, they will get him nowhere.

The Department of Homeland Security did not issue the ban. Donald Trump did. Telling lies now won’t change the fact that he tried to ban Muslims from these shores and failed – failed spectacularly.