Trump’s Justice Department Files Notice it Will Appeal Muslim Ban Ruling

Calling it an immigration order, and apparently disagreeing with Donald Trump’s new claim that it was not an executive order but a Homeland Security ban/not ban, the Justice Department has announced that it will appeal federal judge James Robart’s ruling halting the ban/not ban.

If you are confused, you should be, because the ban that was not a ban and then became whatever you want to call it went from being an executive order to being a Homeland Security order to, apparently, being an executive order again – at least for the purposes of appealing Judge Robart’s ruling. What it might or might not be tomorrow, and who issued it, according to Donald Trump, is anyone’s guess.

Whatever Trump wants us to believe it is or was (hint: it’s Executive Order 13769 and the notice of appeal calls it an “executive order”), it will now go before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to be decided there. Perhaps the court will clarify for us all whether or not it is a ban that is being appealed and let us know who issued it, Trump or Homeland Security.

It seems clear that the suggestion by Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) made today that Trump, whom he referred to as our “so-called president,” get a “mental health exam” is well-warranted:

The White House called Judge Robart’s action an “outrageous order” but what seems to be outrageous is the administration’s inability to keep up with its wave of lies.

The case will almost certainly end up before the U.S. Supreme Court. Until then, we can expect a continued series of changing stories out of the White House. Trump, meanwhile, is still ranting about Judge Robart, tweeting that,

In truth, the bad people are probably as confused as the rest of us. And that includes Donald Trump.