Donald Trump Delivers The Worst Presidential Interview In Super Bowl History

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:56 pm

Trump gave the worst Super Bowl interview in the history of the new tradition because he used the biggest television audience of the year to lie to and mislead the American people.

Video of the full interview:

Trump continued to claim that he is going to keep his foreign policy secret, and the President’s full comments equating the morality of the United States and Russia were even worse in the full context.

Here is the full transcript:

Trump claimed he is going to defund the entire state of California if they vote to become a sanctuary state. The President also floated his debunked claim that he is bringing manufacturing jobs back. He also defended making up voter fraud without data.

When Trump was asked about data on voter fraud, he said, “Forget that. Forget all of that.”

The President was asked about a new healthcare plan being rolled out in 2017. He answered, “In the process, and maybe it will take into sometime next year.”

As a candidate, Trump promised to repeal and replace Obamacare on his first day in office. His tune has changed now that he is president. Trump’s maybe next year on healthcare means that Congress is going to repeal Obamacare, and millions of people are going to lose their insurance in 2017, but maybe the Trump administration will get around to having a new health care plan in 2018.

O’Reilly fawned over Trump who described being president as, “like a surreal experience in a certain way.”

Trump then turned to football where he made sure that a majority of the country will be rooting against the Patriots by playing up his friendships on the team and predicting an eight-point Patriots win, which given Trump’s judgment and lack of ability to tell the truth means the Falcons should win by 20.

Never has a president used the Super Bowl interview platform to praise an enemy of democracy while also telling numerous lies to the American people. From voter fraud to jobs to Mexico to Obamacare, President Trump’s interview was filled with lies and falsehoods.

The presidential Super Bowl pre-game interview has been weaponized for use by this White House against facts and truth.

Fox enabled and willingly allowed President Trump to lie to the biggest US television audience of the year. For this reason, Trump’s interview was the worst presidential Super Bowl pre-game interview in history and should give other networks pause about whether or not to continue the tradition while Trump is in office.

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