CNN Considers Banning Kellyanne Conway While Conway – Naturally – Lies About it

Her lies have become so blatant that CNN is actually considering banning Kellyanne Conway from their network. And Conway, not surprisingly, is lying about it. When Mediaite reported on CNN’s concerns over her lack of credibility, Conway responded via Twitter:

CNN was quick to respond, pointing to Conway telling yet another lie by citing “facts” as opposed to Conway’s infamous “alternative facts”:

If Conway had any hopes of squirming out of this set of lies, those were quickly dashed by a helpful Mika Brzezinski, co-host of Morning Joe, who revealed that CNN was not the first to decline Conway’s presence for that very reason:

This is an implication that even Morning Joe apparently has some standards – a surprise to many, no doubt, used to Scarborough and Brzezinski peddling a few falsehoods of their own.

It turns out that Conway, who got caught out in a lie about a nonexistent massacre in Bowling Green and then defended herself with a debunked news report – a lie to cover a lie – has actually referred to the Bowling Green “massacre” before, not just once, but twice, to Cosmopolitan Magazine and also to TMZ, both on January 29, before repeating the lie to Chris Matthews on February 2.

And now she is calling those who criticized her lies “haters” – apparently in the Trump administration something worse than liars.

She says she misspoke. She didn’t. She lied and kept repeating that lie until she got caught. And now she’s lying about lying, calling honest people “haters” and lying some more about the loss of any credibility she still had.

In most cases, such gratuitous dishonesty would be professional suicide. In Trump’s world, her steadfast refusal to admit to a lie only makes her more valuable than ever. It will be interesting to see if other media outlets follow CNN’s example.