Trump Claims He Doesn’t ‘Know Putin’ But He Bragged About Their Relationship in 2013

As Ana Navarro put it this morning, “Good morning, y’all. President Trump is calling his fellow Americans, “haters” again. It must be Tuesday.”

Trump tweeted,

This is another obvious lie. Trump does have business ties to Russia and has lied about that before. And as pointed out by Sarah Kendzior:

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin nailed Trump for this too:

George Takei pointed to a 2013 Trump video that proves the lie:

As Takei says, “Trump says in this video that he and Putin ‘do have a relationship’ and Putin would be ‘very interested in hearing’ what Trump has to say.”

Ana Navarro could have just said it’s Monday, or Tuesday or any day of the week because whatever the day, Trump starts it off with a lie.

And you know that if he is lying today about Putin, that the criticism being leveled at him over his defense of Putin’s murder of journalists are getting to him. Trump claims to be a strong guy, but he doesn’t even have the courage of his convictions. Rather than admit he knows Putin, as he has in the past, he chooses to simply weasel his way out of it instead with an obvious lie.

Very sad!