House Democrat Drops A Truth Bomb On National TV By Suggesting Trump Will Be Impeached

When asked on MSNBC if Congress is heading for four more years of stalemate, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) dropped a truth bomb and said that she doesn’t expect Trump to be in office for four years because he is vulnerable to impeachment.


She said, “I don’t think so because he’s not going to be there for four years. He has disregarded constitutional questions. We’re still digging into his conflicts of interest. His relationship to Putin and the Kremlin. I think there’s a lot there. I don’t intend to work with him or try to work with him, but I certainly don’t intend for him to be around for four years. A lot people don’t want to hear this. They’re saying you’re saying this, and you’re talking about a president who has only been in office for a short period of time, but I do believe that he’s vulnerable to impeachment.”

Rep. Waters said that she expects that if Republicans find any collusion between Putin and Trump, they are going to back off of him, and impeachment will be possible. Waters also said that Republican Senators are nervous about Trump and his constant defenses of Putin and the Kremlin.

Impeachment becomes a lot more likely if Democrats take back the House, Senate, or both in 2018 because one of their first acts will be to launch a full-scale investigation into the Trump administration.

The stench of corruption is so strong around President Trump that members of Congress are discussing impeachment less than a month into his first term. For those of you who are worried about Vice President Pence taking over if Trump is impeached, don’t be. Pence has welded himself to Trump with repeated defenses of the President’s comments about Putin and Russia. If Trump goes down, Pence is going with him.

Many in Congress are afraid to say the I-word out loud, but they are thinking. Rep. Waters said what many are thinking. The odds are higher than for most other presidents that Donald Trump ends up impeached/