Democratic Senator Busts Trump Making America Less Safe By Recklessly Handling Intel

The sharp eyes of Democratic Sen. Martin Heinrich caught President Donald Trump jeopardizing national security by recklessly handling classified information.

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) tweeted:

Trump left the key in the lock bag in the same manner that someone might accidentally leave their house keys in the front door while bringing in an armful of groceries. Donald Trump is so ignorant and reckless with classified info that he not only left the key in the bag, but he left the bag out in the open and exposed to non-classified individuals.

This is a breach of the most basic information handling protocol and displayed an absurd lack of common sense and recklessness from the President Of The United States. Keep these pictures in mind the next time that the President talks about how is keeping America safe.

Trump can’t even keep a classified file safe from potentially prying eyes, so the odds of him keeping an entire country safe aren’t very good.

Every single day, Donald Trump does something to prove that he is a danger to the security of the nation that he was elected to lead.