Friday Fox Follies – Surreality Tee Vee

Last week it was Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanding an apology from the Fox “News” Channel. This week it’s Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has nuclear weapons at his disposal. He’s demanding an apology after Bill O’Reilly, during his softball of an interview with Emperor Trump, accidentally blurted out the truth. Loofah called Putin a killer. Then Trump accidentally blurted out the truth FALSE EQUIVALENCY: ‘Merka’s not so innocent either.

Here’s the exchange that could spark the next World War:

fFriday Fox Follies looks forward to the upcoming vanilla milkshake summit, not dissimilar to the beer summit — the last time a POTUS blurted out the truth. Remember how the Reich Wing went nuts? Milkshake diplomacy will resemble Potsdam or Yalta. The Big 3 will carve up the world. The election proved Russia is allied with Trumpistan and vice versa. Yet, Emperor Trump counts on the support of the Mayor of Loofahville and its citizens. Surely these parties can be brought together so we can have peace in our time.

Maybe not. The Falafel King says, essentially, don’t hold your breath, Russia:

“Apparently the Putin administration in Moscow demanding that I, your humble correspondent, apologize for saying old Vlad is a killer,” he said. “So I’m working on that apology but it may take a little time. Might want to check in with me around 2023.”

The Kremlin seems cool with that and, so far, has had the last word:

On Tuesday, Peskov reacted to O’Reilly’s comment, saying that Russia has “a different understanding of the rules of etiquette and manners than this gentleman [O’Reilly].”

“But we are very kind and very patient. We will put a note in the calendar for the year 2023 and return to him with this question,” Peskov added.
According to Putin’s spokesman, the incident is even more “unpleasant” for Fox News Channel than for Russia.

“We are not inclined to exaggerate this or to blow this out of proportion,” he said, suggesting the Kremlin would not pursue the incident further.

“But in any case the insult that is voiced by a correspondent of a media outlet and subsequently passed over in silence by its chief editorial office characterizes these media negatively.”

Oh, snappity, snap snap!!!

Meanwhile, the Falafel King still holds a grudge from being bested by then-comedian Al Franken years ago. That’s why he never passes up the chance to smear Senator Al Franken, especially if it helps his friend Trump.

Filling the rest of the pita:

What Trump Wants Bill O’Reilly, and All of Us, to Forget

O’Reilly: Liberal Sports Press Turned
Brady-Trump Friendship Into Controversy

Twitter reminds critics Tom Brady
skipped Obama White House visit

Krauthammer to O’Reilly: Uproar Over Russia
Remarks Isn’t About People ‘Out to Get’ Trump

It’s somehow reassuring that both Trump & Putin waste their time watching the Fox “News” Channel.


It’s funny because it’s true — and angry — and Samantha Bee:

IRONY ALERT!!! Bully Boy Bolling spent 9 years trashing President Obama, but now thinks John McCain Is Trying to ‘Undercut’ Trump.

McCain is 2 years too late, if you ask me.

MC CAIN FAMILY VALUES: While we’re on the subject, this reporter has absolutely no sympathy for Meghan McCain, owner of two of the 8 legs appearing regularly on #Outlandish, the show at noon EST. First she calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ because she was opposed to Edumacation Czar Betsy DeVos. Then two years too late — like father, like daughter — condemns Emperor Trump. And, the internet let her have it on this Twitter thread:

Also from Outlasted:

Fox News’ Spends Nearly 10 Minutes Attacking
Elizabeth Warren For Quoting Coretta Scott King
(No Time Defending Mitch McConnell’s Censure)

Fox’s Outnumbered Gives Trump A Pass For Attacking Nordstrom

That’s why #Outbuilding is such a fun show.


Fox’s Chris Wallace Blasts The Trump
Administration For Its Ivanka Trump Shilling

Sean Spicer: Kellyanne Conway
“Counseled” After Telling Fox News
Channel Viewers “Go Buy Ivanka’s Stuff”

Former ethics czar: Kellyanne
Conway broke the law on Fox News

SHILLS & FRIENDS: It was, after all, on Fox & Friends that Kellyanne Conjob plugged Ivanka’s schmatas. Those Foxy Friends also went after Elizabeth Warren hard. It’s hard to know whether there’s any sexism there, but Sexist Fox & Friends Segment Hosts Author Claiming Women’s “Natural State” In Marriage Is To Be The “Beta”. Meanwhile, no less a political authority than Joe Theismann [says]: Donald Trump banning Muslims is ‘just like Tom Brady’ winning the Super Bowl:

“You’re a guy that watches the news a lot,” Fox News host Steve Doocy noted. “What do you make over the brouhaha — the liberal left is aflame over this travel restriction, which the court of appeals now out in California now says, forget about it, those people can come into the country.”

Surrealer and surrealer.

STARNES STAINS: While FFF will expand on this in weeks to come, be warned that Todd Starnes is back with a vengeance. Todd’s American Dispatch are demented editorials delivered almost daily on Fox & Friends. Since there are so many things that scare Toddles feces-less, future Starnes Stains will focus on what’s got him soiling his tidy whities.

TUCKER TRIES TOO HARD: First, credit where credit’s due. For a change Tucker Carlson decides to debate someone who isn’t a hapless outlier. Secondly, Michael Eric Dyson can hold his own. Thirdly, it’s an important discussion on White Privilege and Reparations. Fourthly, Carlson treated Dyson with respect and didn’t laugh or belittle him once during the interview.

However, Carlson gets no points for missing the entire point. Watch:

Is it obliviousness, or stupidity? I vote stupidity because of things like:

Fox News Tries to Prove Steve Bannon Isn’t as Bad as ISIS

Sir Eel or not?

TRUMPET SECTION: The Muslim Ban That’s Not A Ban Edition.

Hannity Blames The Democrats For Trump
Administration’s Poor Performance
Defending Muslim Ban To Appeals Court

Fox Host Echoes Trump, Saying That If A
Terrorist Attack Occurs, “It’s On The Courts Now”

Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Court Ruling
Was ‘Intellectually Dishonest Piece of Work’

Fox News Hosts “Professional Muslim Basher”
To Attack Ninth Circuit’s Stay On The Muslim Ban

Headly Westerfield adopted a new cat this week and wants the entire world to know.