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Protesters Block The Door And Refuse To Let Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Enter DC School

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:58 pm

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When Trump’s controversial Education Secretary Betsy DeVos tried to enter a Washington, D.C. school, protesters blocked the door and would not let her in.


People aren’t only speaking out against the Trump administration. They are physically taking action against the unpopular administration. Never in recent American political history have the country witnessed this sort of spontaneous rejection of an administration at the most fundamental grassroots levels of our society.

Education Secretary DeVos tried to enter Jefferson Academy in SW, D.C. and was shown that she wasn’t welcome there. Education Secretaries are usually welcomed with open arms at every school they visit. DeVos is an enemy of public education, so she should expect more of this sort of treatment if she continues to try to visit the very community institutions that she is seeking to destroy.

The American people are taking their country back, and the rebellion is spreading from the biggest marches to the doors Jefferson Academy. The United States is quarantining its toxic president.

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