Al Franken Says A Few of Republicans Are Questioning Trump’s Mental Health

Democratic Senator Al Franken was precisely on point during CNN’s State of the Union this Sunday. With the calmness of deep righteousness, Franken took on the several of the leading atrocities of the Trump administration.

Senator Franken called President Trump’s mental health into question based on the number of lies he tells, called for an independent investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, and slammed Besty DeVos as the “the least qualified nominee I’ve ever seen.”

Speaking with SOTU host Jake Tapper, Franken said “a few” of his GOP colleagues are questioning Trump mental health, “In the way, all of us have this suspicion. He lies a lot.”

The Democratic Senator called for an independent investigation into Trump’s relationship with Russia, echoing Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s push for the House to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.

Pelosi is dedicated to trying to keep this in the public eye and force Republicans to take action to protect our country:

While saying she should be allowed to work, Franken slammed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos as “the least qualified nominee I’ve ever seen” and added that her hearing was embarrassing.

This is exactly the way Democrats should be fighting the Trump administration. Someone has to have the guts to say what is what. It’s not surprising that we were never shown Trump’s medical records, because his behavior is erratic, childish, troubling, and indicative of at the very least a total lack of impulse control coupled with no ability for self-reflection and a propensity to believe in complete falsehoods.

This toxic combination of personality traits is topped off with Trump’s fragile ego and desperate need to force the world to praise him. He is in constant need of affirmation, ironically like the “special snowflakes” his base mocks. To say Trump isn’t close with reality is an understatement.

Mental health issues or not (but imagine if this is accurate and then add in Russia and we have a national security crisis of untold proportions), there can be no “tolerance” for Trump’s ties to Russia.

An aggressive and hostile foreign country has been working with the Trump administration. The Trump administration has lied about this to the press and public. Russia interfered in our election to help Trump win.

This is not okay. This is not a matter of ideology; this is a matter of patriotism and national security. The real kind of patriotism; not flag-waving nationalism, but a deep love and respect for the ideals of our country and for the fragile democracy buttressing our freedoms.

Image: Al Franken, screen grab via CNN State of the Union
Correction: Besty DeVos’s name was incorrectly written as Nancy DeVos and has been updated.