Alec Baldwin Blows Trump’s Ratings Out Of The Water In Record Setting SNL Episode

The ratings are in, and they are bad news for President Trump. Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression is so popular that it led the program to six-year ratings high and easily bested the ratings for the episode that Trump guest hosted in 2015.

CNN reported:
The NBC comedy series, which Baldwin was hosting for a record 17th time, brought in a 7.2 overnight rating, according to NBC. That is the show’s highest overnight rating since 2011.

Baldwin, who again played Trump, brought in a bigger rating than the real thing. When Trump hosted the show as a presidential candidate in November 2015, the episode brought in a 6.6 overnight rating.

Here is Baldwin as Trump suing the federal judges who blocked his Muslim ban on The People’s Court:

Baldwin’s Trump has led the Saturday night broadcast institution to a ratings resurgence that has not been seen in 22 years. Much of the show’s popularity is linked to how much President Trump hates the way it has portrayed him.
Trump really hates the Baldwin impression:

Trump has gone so far as to demand equal time from SNL:

Meanwhile, when Trump hosted the show in 2015, he was regarded as an unfunny bomb who dragged the show down by having no sense of humor and refusing to allow himself to be made fun of. SNL’s writers were accused of watering down the humor to make the show as inoffensive to Trump as possible.

Critics and fans both blasted the show for catering to Trump, and it seems like the show has spent the months since Trump’s election trying to make up for their mistake.

President Trump’s approval ratings are in the dumpster. He is the most unpopular new president in history, but by being an endless source of satire, Donald Trump has made Saturday Night Live great again.