Republican Congressman Hints At Trump Impeachment If Flynn Lied For The President

During a town hall in Elm Grove, WI, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) hinted that Congress would have to do something if NSA Mike Flynn’s lies about contact with Russia go all the way up to President Trump. According to the Constitution, that “something” is impeachment.

John Harwood of CNBC tweeted:

Congress does have the power to censure a president, but the reprimand means nothing and carries no punishment. A censure would be useless in a circumstance where a president-elect colluded with a hostile actor towards the United States to undermine sanctions. If Congress feels like Trump has endangered national security or committed a high crime, their only true course of action after a comprehensive investigation would be impeachment.

Republicans in Congress are terrified of Trump launching a primary campaign against them, so Sensenbrenner spoke very carefully, but his comments if accurately reported by John Harwood reflect what Congressional Democrats say is a great deal of concern among their Republican colleagues about Trump and Russia.

Trump and Flynn may give Republicans in Congress no choice but to launch a full-scale investigation. The fact that an elected Republican would hint at Congress doing something about the growing Russia scandal suggests that impeachment isn’t a fantasy. It is a thought that is entering the minds of some of our elected leaders.

Note: Article will be updated with audio or video if they become available.