White House Trashes The Constitution With Claim Trump Has Unquestioned Presidential Power

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:58 pm

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Perhaps there is someone left in the world who isn’t aware of Donald Trump’s troubling relationship with the Constitution. If so, this is for you.

Here we have on Face the Nation Donald Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller telling the country, “The powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Now, for fun, imagine if someone in the Obama White House had said this. Imagine the conservative freak out. They took the streets with loaded assault weapons when Obama wanted to give them access to affordable healthcare, because they felt it was way too much power for the government to run a marketplace.

So you can imagine how outraged conservatives are now… Just kidding. It’s okay if Trump does it. You know, because Putin is running him and who better to give unlimited power to than someone a hostile foreign agent has something on.

Marbury v. Madison elevated the Supreme Court to a separate and equal branch of government, and here is the key part for any Trump supporters- that means federal courts have the right of judicial review. Literally, Donald Trump’s executive orders are subject to review by this co-equal branch of government.

This is not up for debate, and Donald Trump and his band of Alternative Fact Robots can’t change it simply by repeating it. But this is so basic, it’s just another moment when I pause to wonder if these people are purposefully testing our system to see how much we will put up with before we oust them. The only reason I’m not going with that theory is because they seem genuinely too ignorant to maintain such a rouse.

There is a reason this Stephen Miller guy is so troubling, and it’s not just because his performance of many lies today so pleased President Trump. It’s that there are so many of these people in the Trump administration. People so repugnant, so without morals and integrity, that you think oh, this one has to go!

And then a few seconds later, up pops another one.

Making America Great Again; the courts will not question the Trump. Trump has all power. Constitution bad. Three branches of government BAD. Not getting everything he wants when he wants it makes Trump SAD.

Image: Screengrab Stephen Miller, Face the Nation

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