Opinion: Violence Against “The Other” Is What Trump’s America Looks Like

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*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

For any American even remotely aware of the typical Trump supporters’ comprehension of what their hero meant when he preached, ad nauseam, that only he could make America great, the increasing number of reports of violent assaults against other Americans is not surprising. Of course no-one is surprised that attacks on Muslims would begin increasing, but it is possible that the brazen excuse that unprovoked violence was a result of Trump being in the White House may have been eye-opening. It’s not that violence founded on intolerance ever warranted an excuse for haters, but they seem Hell-bent and duty-bound to cite the source of their violence is because this is now Trump’s America. That was the justification for the latest reported attack perpetrated by Trump supporters whose pride informed that they wear Trump’s Chinese manufactured “Make America Great Again” baseball caps and state that they were administering a beating because “this is what Trump’s America looks like.”

A man who was out for a walk with his dog was assaulted near his home in downtown Washington last week when four men between 20 and 40 years old accosted him because he is gay. Two of the assailants were wearing the foreign-made Trump hats and one of the Trumpites felt that the lone victim needed to know exactly why he was being assaulted by four men. As the four men approached the victim to begin the assault, one of the assailants shouted,


“Hey snowflake! This is what a Trump America looks like, fag*ot!”

The police report stated that “Suddenly, without provocation, Suspect 1 through Suspect 4 began throwing objects at the victim, striking him countless times in the face and head. Victim suffered injuries and fled home to tend those injuries. The suspects fled on foot.”

The suspect was contacted by Lt. Brett Parson who runs the DC Metro Police Department’s LGBT Liaison division and spoke with the victim, Robert Richard Brice Kohler, after seeing Mr. Kohler’s Facebook post detailing the assault and documenting his injuries. Police haven’t apprehended the fine upstanding Trump acolytes, but when they are caught they will be charged with felony aggravated assault and face a 10-year prison sentence and/or a $10,000 fine. Those charges are likely to be enhanced when “hate crime” charges are added to the aggravated assault.

This violent incident is Trump’s America and not the first to be accompanied with justification that “Trump’s president now.”

About ten days ago at JFK International Airport, a Massachusetts man burst into an office and attacked a female Delta Airlines employee because she is a Muslim and because “Trump is here now and he will get rid of all of you.” After cornering the terrified woman in her office, she asked why she was being assaulted and what had she done to deserve it. The assailant replied “You did nothing but I am going to kick your (expletive) ass.”

After a male employee intervened in the assault allowing the victim to escape, the Trump supporter mocked the woman’s faith by fake-praying on his knees and shouting,  “(Expletive) Islam, (expletive) ISIS, Trump is here now. He will get rid of all of you. You will see what happens.” The man faces nine counts including multiple hate crimes for the incident he used to express both his adulation and support of Trump and hatred of a religion that isn’t Christianity. This is Trump’s America and his angry zealots are aiding him in making it what the Trump claims will make it great, again; violent assaults on innocent Muslims who are also American citizens.


Although there was, fortunately, no violence, another incident in Pennsylvania by a Trump supporter reveals exactly what more Americans of all demographics will eventually face in Trump’s great America. A college basketball player was ejected from a restaurant by its owner when he noticed the young man and his party were African Americans. He approached the dinner party’s table and said, ““Trump’s president now so I can say what I want. You ni**ers need to get out. I own three restaurants and I don’t need you ni**ers’ money.”

Now, there has never been a shortage of hatred for “the other” in America, but this is a unique time in that violent physical assaults against American citizens Trump devotees consider “the other” are being justified, not excused, because a racist and bigot is now in the White House. The truly sad part of all of this is that with an avowed racist, bigot and uber-religious evangelical is the nation’s “top cop,” the Trump Department of Justice will do nothing to protect Americans’ civil and equal rights. If anything, the victims of Trump-inspired violence should be prepared to be assailed by the Justice Department for being gay, Muslim, female or African American.

Some Americans may think that because they don’t fit into those categories they are immune from attacks by “Trump’s Americans,” but that would be a colossal error. No group in America is safe and for women, the non-religious, and non-conservatives it is just a matter of time before the Trump targets them for his supporters’ wrath and assaults.


Like it or not, Trump’s zealots are going to prove to an increasing number of American citizens that this is Trump’s America with physical assaults replete with why they are being violently assaulted; because Trump is president now and he will get rid of all of you who fail to acknowledge his deity, are Muslims, women, people of color and gays. It is what Trump campaigned on and what his hate-driven supporters are intent on executing.

***The above article includes 3 news reports with commentary by R Muse***

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