Sean Hannity Wigs Out Over Morning Joe Criticism of Stephen Miller

Rather than focusing on facts or on Constitutional principals the Supreme Court has repeatedly re-affirmed, Trump apologist Sean Hannity took the Donald Trump tweetstorm response instead when MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough criticized Stephen Miller’s claims that Trump’s authority is not to be questioned.

Scarborough was initially incredulous over Trump’s pat on the back to Miller for “representing” him:

He led with this tweet, straight out of the Trump playbook:

Because poor ratings always validate violation of the United States Constitution, right, Sean?

Having put a little more thought into it, he came back with this one, which really shows little in the way of thought at all but seems to amuse Hannity:

Finally, he lauded Miller for working OT to destroy the United States Constitution on behalf of his boss while all Scarborough and co-host Mike Brezinski do is talk:

Scarborough has not directly responded to Hannity but besides devoting an entire episode of Morning Joe to Miller’s anti-Constitutional diatribe, he did tweet this morning that “Stephen Miller’s performance this weekend made Susan Rice’s the day after Benghazi look smooth,” which is sure to ruffle Hannity’s feathers.

More is sure to follow as Hannity flails helplessly in defense of the indefensible by making repeating ad hominem attacks because like Trump, he has no understanding at all of the actual issues.

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