Stephen Miller Gets a ‘Pants on Fire’ From PolitiFact for Lie NH Busses in Voters

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:59 pm

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In an interview Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” Stephen Miller doubled down on Donald Trump’s voter fraud lies and claimed that voter fraud is a common state of affairs in New Hampshire:

“This issue of busing voters in to New Hampshire is widely known by anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics. It’s very real, it’s very serious.”

Watch courtesy of Media Matters for America:

PolitiFact calls this a “baseless” claim. Miller had told George Stephanopoulos,

“I’ve actually, having worked before on a campaign in New Hampshire, I can tell you that this issue of busing voters in to New Hampshire is widely known by anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics. It’s very real, it’s very serious. This morning on this show is not the venue for me lay out all the evidence.”

PolitiFact wasted no time making mincemeat of Miller’s baseless claims:

We searched widely, as have others, and failed to find any evidence corroborating Miller and Trump’s claim.
Fergus Cullen, who ran the New Hampshire Republican Party from 2007-08, said the stories about voters coming over from Massachusetts are as old as “the invention of the bus.” What fuels the concern is New Hampshire’s same-day voter registration law, even though it was adopted in the 1990s with strong Republican support to avoid the federal government’s “motor voter law,” which allows people to register to vote at their DMV.
“The result is that yes, it is possible and legal for someone to drive into a polling place in a car with out-of-state tags, register to vote, and vote,” Cullen told PolitiFact. “Of course they have to sign affidavits and they would be risking significant legal penalties if they voted in more than one place or state. The odds of being caught are pretty high.”

Not only that, they added that, “Miller’s claim has been analyzed by our colleagues at PolitiFact New Hampshire, who found no evidence busing exists. They rated a similar claim about Massachusetts residents boarding buses to vote in New Hampshire Pants on Fire.”

PolitiFact New Hampshire, in particular, talked to several state and local officials about whether anything fishy occurred Nov. 8. Nashua City Clerk Tricia Piecuch, who works in the state’s second-largest city on the border with Massachusetts, said nothing out of the ordinary went down. Officials in the Secretary of State’s office, Attorney General’s office and U.S. Attorney’s office all reported no complaints of voter fraud in the 2016 election.

It appears that not only does Miller not understand the Constitution or our system of checks and balances, he has the same tendency toward reckless dishonesty as his boss, Donald Trump when it comes to issues like voter fraud.

PolitiFact concluded that “there is no evidence this occurs, and Republicans and Democrats in New Hampshire say it does not. Trump and his White House have been asked multiple times to provide evidence but have not.”

“We rate the claim Pants on Fire.”

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