Evan McMullin Says in Dodging Investigation Chaffetz is Shirking His Duties


Former Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin warned today that Jason Chaffetz, who earlier rejected calls for an investigation into Michael Flynn’s Russian connections, is shirking his duties.

Chaffetz, as reported earlier, would prefer to investigate White House leaks. To this, McMullin said,


As McMullin then proceeded to point out in another tweet,

McMullin had earlier repeated the point raised this morning by CNN’s Chris Cuomo that,

According to McMullin,

Of course, Republicans, by and large, do not want to do their jobs now any more than they wanted to do them when Obama was president. Shirking has gone from being a protest to habit.

Evan McMullin is right, of course, that Chaffetz and his fellow Republicans are shirking their duties, but they have shirked their duties for eight years without consequence.