Sean Spicer Embarrasses America By Getting Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s Name Wrong

During his daily briefing with reporters, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Joe Trudeau in what is the Trump White House’s latest insult to a US ally.


While everyone makes mistakes, the Trump administration has shown itself to be the most non-detail oriented occupants of the White House in decades. This White Hoise appears to be the embodiment of President Trump’s fact-free Twitter account.

On Monday during a joint press conference with PM Trudeau, Trump humiliated himself by claiming that the northern border is not secure and then bragging inaccurately about the size of his Electoral College victory.
With calls growing for a full Congressional investigation into the Trump/Russia scandal, this White House should be trying to project competence and stability. Instead, the press secretary can’t get the name right of one of America’s most steadfast allies.

Getting the name of the leader of Canada wrong is a national embarrassment, but it has become par for the course for Donald Trump and his team of incompetents.