Desperate Putin Puppet Donald Trump Insanely Claims Obama Was Soft on Russia

As any crisis worsens, Trump’s desperation leads him to say foolish things, like blaming his problems this morning on Hillary Clinton, or now, President Barack Obama.

Trump tweeted this morning that Obama was “too soft” on Russia:

The blatant dishonesty displayed here is appalling. Almost as appalling as his attempt at obfuscation of his own administration’s crimes.

Whatever Sean Spicer might claim, Donald Trump is not “tough” on Russia. It is Donald Trump, not Barack Obama, who is soft on Russia, as Sen. Chris Murphy explained today on MSNBC.

Trump compounded his morning twitter madness by adding that,

This is what Jason Chaffetz and other congressional Republicans are also claiming. Somehow, Trump’s ties to Russia will “take care of themselves” while leaks will not. As Paul Krugman said yesterday, “Treason in the defense of tax cuts is no vice” for Republicans.

Obviously, whatever a desperate Donald Trump wants you to believe, the real scandal is Michael Flynn’s contact with Putin, Donald Trump’s ties to Putin, and how much did Trump know and when did he know it? That is the scandal.

Trump, through Sean Spicer yesterday, would have the American people believe that the real crime is not a crime at all, but that people talking about the crime is somehow the crime instead. As Chris Hayes said,

“Occasional reminder that this is all *insane*”

Winter is giving way to spring. Let it be a spring of hope and not a prelude to our last summer of freedom as a people.