As Trump Blames Hillary for Scandal, Remember: She Warned Us About Trump and Putin

Now that we know thanks to The New York Times that the Trump team was in constant communication with Russia as it hacked the U.S. elections, we can all take a deep breath and say, as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes puts it, “Occasional reminder that this is all *insane*”

As is Trump’s response to the growing scandal this morning. And yes, he blamed Hillary Clinton for his troubles, sending this tweet :

That doesn’t even make any sense, but then, this is Donald Trump we are talking about, finging mud desperately to save himself by blaming others.

As we have been reminded by Greg Hogban, it needs to be said that we were warned by Hillary Clinton about Trump and Putin. She warned us. She persisted. She did not sit down and shut up:

Second, having chanted three times “We are not worthy,” Republicans must agree to put a stop to all business of government until this matter is complete resolved to the satisfaction of a bipartisan commission. If the GOP can have 33 Benghazi hearings to investigate an attack on one embassy, they can investigate a possible Russian-backed takeover of our government.

Until then, because of the risk of Putin’s influence coloring Trump’s actions, everything ought to come to a complete standstill until the matter has been thorough investigated. Everything. Including especially any Trump executive orders but also bill signings like that of H.J. Resolution 41 last night.

Guantanamo chief prosecutor Col. Morris Davis is right about that:

Such an investigation is critical because the likelihood now mounts that Michael Flynn is just the tip of a very rotten iceberg:

Now that the news is out, now that our worst fears are confirmed, there is, as Morris Davis reminds us, but once choice remaining to us, and this is a choice that affects us just as much as it affects Republicans in Congress:

Hillary stood up and spoke out. She persisted. She did not sit down. Now it is our turn.

It’s true that “so far” no evidence that Trump colluded with Russian hacking efforts, but “so far” is why we have investigations: so that we can know for certain when reasonable doubt exists.

As Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) says, “Americans deserve a transparent, independent investigation into Russia’s involvement with the Trump camp.” If Republicans won’t give us that, it’s difficult to disagree with Rob Reiner that we can “say goodbye to world’s oldest democracy.”

That’s the choice, America.