Trump Suffers A Massively Embarrassing Defeat As Andrew Puzder Withdraws As Labor Sec Nominee

Donald Trump suffered the ultimate humiliation as his Labor Secretary nominee was forced to withdraw his name from consideration after he lacked enough votes for confirmation in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Multiple news networks reported that Trump Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder would withdraw as Labor Secretary nominee after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell informed the White House that their nominee didn’t have enough votes to be confirmed.

NBC News reported:

Puzder fit the Trump mode for nominees, as he hated minimum wage laws and labor regulations. Puzder also had a history of sexism and an allegation that he assaulted his ex-wife.

Opponents of Puzder rejoiced at his withdrawal. Sen. Bernie Sanders said in a statement, “I am glad Mr. Puzder will withdraw his name from consideration to be the next labor secretary. The simple truth is that given his relationship to employees at the companies he runs, he was not fit to lead a department responsible for defending workers’ rights. We need a secretary of labor who is going to fight to raise the minimum wage to a living wage of $15 an hour and pay equity for women. We don’t need a labor secretary who makes millions while his workers are paid starvation wages.”

The Puzder rebellion by Democrats and several Republicans is a massive defeat for Trump that comes at a time when there is growing momentum for a bipartisan investigation into the Trump/Russia scandal.

A president who promised to win so much that America would be tired of winning has become one of the biggest losers in presidential history. Trump has lost every case related to his Muslim ban in court, his National Security Adviser’s resignation has accelerated a massive political scandal, and now his Labor Secretary nominee doesn’t have the votes to be confirmed by a majority Republican Senate.