Trump Blames Obama For His Russia Scandal In Credibility Destroying Press Conference

President Trump called the Russia scandal fake news, and then he contradicted himself by blaming Obama appointees for leaking information on the Russia scandal that he claimed is not real.


The President said, “Russia is fake news. Russia is fake news put out by the media. The real story is that people, probably from the Obama administration because they’re there because we have our new people going in place right now.”

President Trump is trying to blame Obama holdovers for his Russia scandal. During the entire press conference, Trump tried to muddy the waters by claiming that the Russia story is fake news, but that the leaks are crimes. However, if the classified information is real, the Russia scandal can’t be fake news.

Trump held the press conference to engage in damage control, but he destroyed his credibility with an event that was an incoherent rant that mostly centered on complaining about his media coverage, going back to reliving the 2016 election, and rambling on about fake news.

By trying to blame Obama for the scandal that he created through his campaign’s constant contacts with Russia. Trump complained that the Russia scandal is making Putin not want to “do a deal” with Trump.

Trump has taken no responsibility for his scandal. He will not acknowledge that the scandal is real, but he claimed that the scandal that is fake is all Obama’s fault.

President Trump has only made things worse with a press conference that was more about whines, lies, and self-pity than governing the United States of America.