Republicans Freak Out As Senate Democrats Have Made It Impossible For Trump To Do Anything

Senate Democrats have found the perfect tactic to prevent Trump and the Republican Congressional majority from accomplishing anything. By using all of their time to review each Trump nominee, Democrats have slowed down the Senate to the point where Trump may not get his full cabinet or any legislation to sign.

Politico reported on how Democrats have gummed up the Senate:

Republicans — including Trump — are furious that Democrats have strung out debate on a series of Trump’s nominees for as long as they can, occasionally letting through less controversial figures like Small Business Administration chief Linda McMahon or Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin. The effect has been that Trump’s agencies have been rudderless for weeks — and that the Senate floor has been tied in knots.


But there are literally hundreds more nominees that must be confirmed to staff Trump’s administration: Agriculture Department nominee Sonny Perdue, undersecretaries, ambassadors and members of organizations like the National Labor Relations Board. If Democrats keep stringing this out, it could become impossible to both pass a legislative agenda and confirm everyone that Trump needs to run his administration.

Republicans and Trump are enraged, but they don’t have any recourse. The only way that they could speed things up would be to work more hours, and we all know that Republicans have done nothing, but cut back the House and Senate work schedules since they took over.

For those on the left who are screaming at Democrats to do something, this is what they are doing. Senate Democrats are using the rules to their advantage to leave Trump with an understaffed administration, and Senate Republicans unable to get legislation through Congress.

This should look very familiar because it is what Sen. Mitch McConnell did to Barack Obama for most of his presidency.

Democrats have found a way to keep Trump, Ryan, and McConnell in check, and if this keeps up, Republicans will have nothing to run on with their jobs on the line in 2018.