Trump Declares The Media The Enemy Of The People As 7 Committees Investigate Russia Scandal

As seven congressional committees line up to investigate Donald Trump for the Russia scandal, the President Of The United States as declared the media to be the enemy of the American people.

Trump tweeted his enemy of the people tweet twice.


Here was his first attempt, since deleted:


You’ll notice that the first time Trump made his list he called the media sick and limited his attack to CNN, The New York Times, and NBC.

The President instantly remembered that he has way more enemies in the media than those three, so he replaced his tweet with this:


He added ABC and CBS to the list and took out the sick. Maybe he thought using the word sick in a tweet was unpresidential?

At least seven different congressional committees are currently investigating Trump’s connections to Russia with varying speed. The House and Senate Intelligence committees, Judiciary committees, and the House Oversight Committees are among those who are examining the Russia scandal.

The White House has decided that Trump can’t function without an enemy to campaign against, and they have decided that the enemy will be the media. Trump’s contention is that anything negative about him is “fake news.” The idea of a man who has massive credibility issues with the American people thinking that he can delegitimize the media and therefore, undermine the facts, reeks of desperation.

The real enemy of the people isn’t the free press, who are trying to report facts and truth. The real enemy of the American people is a president who is doing everything he can to keep people in the dark about his activities as president.

Trump is getting desperate, and if the Russian scandal ends up destroying his presidency, he will blame the media for his failure.