Trump Has Wasted More Than $10 Million Taxpayer Dollars On 3 Straight Florida Vacations

President Trump’s “campaign-style rally” is an excuse from the White House for Trump to spend his 3rd straight weekend in at his private club in Florida at a cost to taxpayers of $3 million. The total cost of Trump’s weekends in Florida amounts to a bill of more than $10 million.

According to a bulletin from the FAA, Trump will be at his private club from Friday through Monday.

The Washington Post reported that Trump’s weekend jaunts to his winter home are costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, “Trump’s three Mar-a-Lago trips since the inauguration have probably cost the federal treasury about $10 million, based on figures used in an October government report analyzing White House travel, including money for Coast Guard units to patrol the exposed shoreline and other military, security and staffing expenses associated with moving the apparatus of the presidency. Palm Beach County officials plan to ask Washington to reimburse tens of thousands of dollars a day in expenses for deputies handling added security and traffic issues around the cramped Florida island whenever Trump is in town.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is complaining that Trump’s Florida trips are a burden on the local economy and businesses:

The head of the Lantana airport warned that if Trump keeps visiting, he is going to kill the airport by costing tenants more that $1 million in lost revenue during his first year in office.

Trump’s golf outing with Japanese Prime Minister Abe last weekend cost the airport a combined $250,000 due to flight restrictions. The local government is asking Washington for reimbursement for their own increased security costs, and by reimbursement, they mean you, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer are going to foot the bill.

President Trump and his family are running up immense bills due to their insistence on “maintaining their lifestyle” while in the White House. The White House keeps inventing cover stories to justify Trump’s Florida vacations. The campaign-style rally is the most absurd one so far, but it is certain not be the last, as Donald Trump is going to keep running up the tab, and taxpayers are getting stuck with the bill.

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