Trump’s Base Shows Signs Of Collapse As His Approval Rating Falls To Record Low 38%

President Trump’s approval rating has fallen to a new of 38%, which means that after one month as president, Trump is close to losing his base of support.

The Gallup Daily Tracking Poll has Trump’s job approval at 38%, and his disapproval at 56%.

Here is the Trump trendline via Gallup:

The Trump line has been moving down for weeks. After an initial approval rating in the net positive, within three days Trump’s numbers shifted to a net negative, and that is where his presidency has stayed. There has been no upward movement in the President’s poll numbers, which is why he had to quote an online Republican pollster during his press conference on Thursday to spin his numbers as good instead of terrible.

The more immediate problem for Trump is that his approval ratings have gone so low that it looks like he is starting to lose some of his base. Trump’s base is regarded by pollsters to be roughly 40%. The President’s current approval rating has fallen to 38%, which suggests that some of the people who voted from Trump because they believed his argument for change in Washington. Now that they see what Trump’s version of change looks like, some voter’s remorse could be setting in.

Gallup also found that Trump’s approval rating for his first month in office was 21 points below the presidential average for every president since Eisenhower.

Trump can’t afford to lose any of his base of support. If the President loses his base, he will be looking at an approval rating that could hit the low 30s very quickly. If this happens, Republicans will go into the 2018 midterm election with both the House and Senate in jeopardy.

Nothing that Trump is doing is working, and there are no signs that the White House is capable of doing anything to stop the downhill slide of this president.