The Press Reacts to Trump Calling Them ‘The Enemy of the American People’

Donald Trump made a big splash in the muddy waters of that swamp of his when he declared the mainstream media “the enemy of the American people” in a tweet that was quickly deleted.

CBS News’ John Dickerson examined Trump’s tweet, pointing out that it wasn’t the media that lied to Vice President Pence. The media only uncovered that fact:

National security columnist John Schindler made a striking observation in response to Trump’s claim:

It is no wonder, as Schindler and others have told us, the U.S. intelligence community is terrified of Donald Trump and what he means to the national security of this country. If Trump wanted to further push the so-called “Deep State” away from him, this was the proper way to go about it.

Soledad O’Brien tweeted,

Conservative columnist S.E. Cupp referred back to the Constitution Donald Trump has apparently never read:

Sopan Deb, culture writer for The New York Times, who covered the Trump campaign last year for CBS, reacted with humor:

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd tweeted,

To which NBC’s Brad Jaffy responded,

Austin Statesman editor Gabrielle Munoz quipped,

Donald Trump quickly deleted the tweet, but it cannot be known if he understands what he has done by posting it at all. That act alone displays a man who is not in control of his emotions, the very thing he accused Hillary Clinton of.

As Rolling Stone op-ed writer Jesse Berney put it, “It’s really bad. It’s really, really, really bad.” And it is.

Trump has already called the press the “opposition party” and has demonized and delegitimized them at every turn. When Chief White House Strategist Steve Bannon said of the press last month,

“They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”

It was Steve Bannon showing that it is he, and his boss in the Oval Office, who do not understand this country, it’s institutions or the fact that there are limits even on the president’s power.