The Resistance Is Winning As Trump Whines About Senate Democrats Refusing To Work With Him


President Trump complained that Senate Democrats aren’t working with him during his rally in Florida. One of the reasons why Senate Democrats are rejecting Trump is because millions of Americans are urging them to resist this president.



President Trump said, “So we have to tell the Democrats because they’re doing the wrong thing for the American people to stop their tactics of delay and obstruction and of destruction. They gotta get on with it. My administration is also pushing ahead strongly with very historic tax reform. We are working to lower tax rates on the middle class, to reduce tax rates big league on businesses, and to make our tax code more fair and very simple for all Americans, so it’s understandable by everyone. Senate Democrats should work with us to lower taxes and bring back our jobs, but the Democrats want to increase your taxes very very substantially. We’re not going to let that happen.”

Trump continued by telling Democrats to take responsibility for Obamacare and told Senate Democrats to work with him on a replacement.

The tactics that Democrats are using to gum up the Senate and keep Trump from accomplishing anything are working. Senate Democrats are listening to their supporters and doing what they were urged to do. As soon as Trump won the election, grassroots Democrats demanded resistance. Senate Democrats have listened, and they are already frustrating Trump and Republicans in Congress.

Trump’s claims about his tax plan and what the Democrats want to do were total lies. It is Donald Trump’s tax plan that will give the wealthy and corporations a giant tax cut while raising taxes on the middle class and poor.
Lying about Senate Democrats is a terrible strategy to get them to work with the President.

Senate Democrats aren’t going to lift a finger to help President Trump do anything. They have become the tip of the resistance spear, and President Trump is already howling from the wounds inflicted upon his presidency.