Reince Priebus Tells America To Ignore The Giant Russia Scandal Eating Trump’s Presidency

During an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus demanded that America ignore the giant Russia scandal and instead focus on Trump’s “accomplishments.”


After ranting about the media, which apparently is now a requirement from every Trump administration official to appease their boss, Priebus said, “Look at this president’s accomplishments. Why don’t we talk about the fact that we pulled out of TPP? We did a deregulation executive order that takes two regulations for every one that’s been put in place. We nominated Neal Gorsuch. We signed a bill, the president, in saving our coal mining jobs. We’ve met with the UK. We’ve met with Canada. We’ve met with Israel. We have done so many things that are noteworthy and of accomplishment one day after the next. The storyline should not be about bogus Russia spy stories.”

Pay no attention to that giant Russia scandal that has attracted the attention of seven congressional committees. The real story is that Trump did stuff that any president with a pulse is capable of doing.

Trump’s “accomplishments” amount to virtually nothing. Trump didn’t pull out of TPP because the trade agreement had never been ratified. A president can’t withdraw from an agreement that was never approved by Congress. His executive order was symbolic and a total non-accomplishment. Executive orders are not legislation and can be easily undone by the next president. Nominating a Supreme Court justice is a constitutional duty of the president. The legislation that Trump did sign didn’t save coal jobs. The bill allowed coal mines to pollute streams.

The oddest accomplishment that Priebus listed was the meeting with three staunch US allies. Chief of Staff Priebus wants the American people to give Trump participation points for doing what any president with a pulse would do.

The biggest problem that the Trump White House is facing is that they are being held to a governing standard now. What Priebus wants is for the media and the American people to lower the bar for Trump back to the level of the campaign. Showing up isn’t going to get Trump credit from the American people.

There are no participation medals rewarded to the president. Priebus is demanding that Trump is given credit for accomplishing virtually nothing during a month in office. Trump isn’t going to get participation points from the American people.

This White House has to do something because they promised voters the moon and stars.

Ignore the Russia scandal people. The real story is that Trump played golf with the Japanese Prime Minister. The storm clouds are growing, and the Trump administration is desperately trying to change the subject.