Sweden Demands An Explanation From The US Government Of Trump Terror Attack Remarks

The Swedish government has no idea what Donald Trump was talking about when he suggested that there had been a terrorist attack in Sweden, and they have asked the US government for an explanation.

The US embassy in Sweden tweeted:

In other words, Sweden was all like, what the hell?

Poor Sweden was enjoying its weekend when it got caught up in a ball of Donald Trump crazy. Sweden was minding its own business when everyone started asking them if they were ok because Trump had been telling everybody that something bad went down.

It’s the kind of international chaos that Trump causes on a nearly daily basis. The official US government explanation for what Trump was talking about should be interesting, to say the least.

So far, in his first month in office, Trump has started trouble with Sweden and Australia while allowing a Russian spy ship to hang out 30 miles off the coast of Connecticut, with no response.

As President Trump has alienated our allies and emboldened US enemies, which is the exact opposite of making America great.

Jason Easley
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