KKK Leader Who Made Terrorist Threats Against Ferguson Protesters is Dead

Frank Ancona, 51, imperial wizard of the True Invisible Empire Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan since 2011 (TAK KKK), who made headlines by threatening violence against Ferguson protesters and members of the hacktivist group Anonymous in 2014, is dead.

He was reported missing Friday, and his body found on the banks of a river Saturday, killed by a shotgun and a shot from a pistol to the head. His wife and son-in-law have been arrested, Malissa Ancona, 44, and Paul Edward Jinkerson Jr., 24, and held without bail in the case.

According to a probable cause statement, Jinkerson shot Ancona while the imperial wizard slept, then dumped his body 20 miles away. According to reports, Malissa Ancona has admitted Jinkerson killed her husband and helped clean up the blood.

You may remember Ancona’s threats of violence against Anonymous for revealing the identities of KKK members. He posted a comment to his fellow KKK members that was later exposed by Anonymous, saying,

“It’s deer hunting season here in Southern Missouri, it’s really easy to see how a hunter could mistake someone wearing one of those gay anonymous makes for the hind-end of a whitetail deer. Boom!!! Oops, sorry it was an accident.”

Of course, those masks are “Guy Fawkes” masks representing Guy Fawkes of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament in 1605, as used in the film V for Vendetta in 2006.

What had begun the contest between the two groups was Ancona’s threat of violence against the people of Ferguson when he promised to protect white residents. Ancona told the Riverfront Times,

“These Ferguson protesters are the best recruiters since Obama. Normally we might hear from ten people a week in Missouri, and now we’re hearing from more like fifty people a week. Sometimes, depending on these news stories, we get 100, 200 calls in a day.”

Ancona even appeared on air with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, telling Hayes that the Ferguson protests have “awakened a sleeping giant.”

He also sent out flyers giving a “Klanline” phone number to call for those seeking help from angry armed white men like Ancona.

Both local police and the SPLC said that the KKK was not a real concern, that they were few in number and had no real influence beyond a lot of bluster.

Still, Ancona made headlines by threatening to kill people, by threatening to hang Anonymous members next to blacks: “we will hunt you down and tear those masks from your face. You’ll be strung up next to the chimps.”

He was a conspiracy theorist, as the “likes” on his YouTube channel demonstrate, a fan, apparently, of Alex Jones and Donald Trump.

Frank Ancona was what Sarah Palin’s crowd would call a “real American,” an angry white man – a self-avowed Christian and a champion of “White Christian America” with a gun.

Now, he is dead because of a gun, likely one of his own, and as so often happens, at the hands of his own family.