Trump Wants You to Believe Lie About a Massacre in Sweden Wasn’t About a Massacre

Donald Trump wants you to believe that when he was making himself a laughingstock by lying about a massacre in Sweden that never happened he was making criticism of Sweden’s immigration policies. Of course, what he was actually doing was, like Kellyanne Conway, trying to sow fear of immigrants by inventing massacres committed by those immigrants.

In a tweet send out last night, Trump blamed Fox News for his lie:

Of course, his lie was a nonexistent massacre, not a “statement…concerning immigrants,” which makes his statement seem very harmless when it was anything but.

Yet far from walking back his lie, he upped the ante this morning by tweeting this:

Trump was not talking about immigration in Sweden not working. He was inventing a lie about immigrants murdering Swedes. It was not an innocent observation as he would have you believe now, but an attempt to sow fear of immigrants to justify his Muslim ban.

The public could indeed use a break, but not from the media reporting Donald Trump’s lies, but rather from those lies. It’s not “fake news media” (in caps or otherwise) that’s the problem but the fake Trump administration.